Luigi is friendly, social and loving, and that makes it’s easy to see the things that make him unique. The little black-and-white cat has a surprisingly long tail that he sometimes bends over to one side like a hairpin when he walks. His feet are all white except for one toe that looks like it was dipped in black ink.

Luigi came to the Sanctuary from a Best Friends Network partner shelter in northern Utah. He caught a ride with nine other cats — one from the same shelter he’d been in and eight from the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center in Salt Lake City.

The trip was part of a plan that helps cats at the Sanctuary in southern Utah and the pet adoption center in northern Utah get just what they need, when they need it. Ten cats too shy or frightened to attract much adoption interest at the center in Salt Lake City were brought to the Sanctuary where caregivers could help them adjust to people in a quieter environment. Meanwhile, 10 super social cats got a ride north to the center, where they’ll find homes quickly. Ultimately, the trade helps all the cats find the best homes in the shortest time possible.

Luigi settled into a room at Cat World that is ideal for “wild” cats like him. First of all, it has rafters, so he can climb to a high place whenever he wants to feel extra safe. Secondly, many of the cats there prefer the company of other cats while still being social with humans. Luigi could find feline companionship there and watch other cats interact with people. His caregivers would try to befriend him without forcing themselves on him and there would be no pressure. Instead, they would take baby steps with him.

Luigi loves baby food

The true magic may have been a combination of the baby food, his caregivers’ patience and persistence and his new feline friends. Not so wild after all, Luigi is much more comfortable around people these days. Now, instead of finding the handsome cat hiding, caregivers, volunteers and visitors can find him out and about in his room and in the cattery.  


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