On a sunny winter afternoon I reacquainted myself with Tiny Tim. It took all of one minute. Happy Feet (one of his many nicknames) has never met a stranger. He is bright, playful and always eager to “help” a volunteer with whatever task is at hand. Folded towels need to be inspected, toys need to be tested, etc. He is a busy boy.

Tiny Tim followed me out to the catio and took a quick break. It’s been a wet and snowy winter here in southern Utah, so Tiny Tim hasn’t had as much outside time as he likes. It’s too wet and a bit icy for him to be able to scoot along in the sand, as he so loves to do. But spring is around the corner, and Tim is keeping careful watch over the landscape. It won’t be long before Tiny Tim will be slipped into his harness and he and a volunteer will take up their usual spot (Tim in his shrub lair, and volunteer seated on a wall) to survey the lizard population and keep tabs on the turkeys that roam the Sanctuary.