The lobby at Quincy house in Cat World is a busy place. Rogue adds to that busy in the most delightful way. This tiny torti, who started off life in California, was in a shelter and needed more-than-average help. She was born without the use of her back legs. So lucky for Rogue she ended up in Best Friends care. The fragile kitten got round-the-clock care in a foster home where her incontinence could be managed and she could grow and get stronger every day.

Tiny baby Rogue

Today, Rogue is usually a flash seen from the corner of your eye in the Quincy House lobby. She is lightning fast, scooting around by using her very strong front legs to get into as much mischief as possible. She’s a tough little cookie young and sassy with tons of love to give an adopter who can help her lead a happy life.