The word “tortitude” is a word used to describe the irascible attitude of tortoiseshell-colored cats. They can be strong-willed and independent — yet not so independent that they won’t let you know when they need something from you. Eliana’s tortitude comes into play daily. She uses that strong will to overcome her mobility challenges. There is no keeping this feisty feline from her favorite bed on the catio.

Eliana was sunbathing and especially sassy during a recent visit. She was snoozing in the bright sunshine and was very content. Suddenly she stretched out a paw and snagged my camera strap and insisted on a game of tug and wrestle before I left. After she was satisfied that my camera strap was thoroughly trounced, I was allowed to leave.

Tortitude... it's a real thing. 

Thank you for sponsoring Eliana and helping us care for cats with mobility challenges. 

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