Bug was just under a year old on the day that changed her whole life. She’d been attacked and severely injured by other animals at her rural home. Her family called a local veterinarian for emergency help, and though the baby foal’s injuries were very serious, the vet said it was worth trying to save Bug’s life and was able to get her stabilized. That was step one.

Bug had deep wounds in her hindquarters and serious injuries to her face (including broken bones in her nose). She would need extensive wound care and possibly even reconstructive surgery if she was going to survive and go on to lead a happy, comfortable life. But Bug’s family didn’t have the resources for that level of care, so they made contact with Best Friends and soon, the baby filly was on her way to the Sanctuary.

Bug receiving care from Dr. Tara

The day the trailer pulled up at Horse Haven, poor Bug was weak, injured and anemic. But she soon showed Horse Haven caregivers and the Best Friends veterinary team what she was made of. “She has a good fighting spirit,” says team lead Linda Meadows. “She was a trooper, and she hopped right out of that trailer despite her injuries.”

It wasn’t long before Bug was settled into a safe and cozy enclosure. During her first few days at the Sanctuary, she had someone watching over and caring for her around the clock. Because many of Bug’s wounds were deep and affected not just the skin but also the muscle beneath it, recovery was a long, slow process.

Dr. Tara Timpson and the Sanctuary’s dedicated large animal vet techs spent many hours nursing Bug back to health. They went to work right away to clean her wounds, keep her bandages fresh and clean, give her medication to keep her comfortable and pain-free, treat her for parasites and make sure that her every medical need was met.

Bug out for a walk.

Over time, with intense care and surgery, Bug is feeling much better. You can read the full story here. 

Today Bug is a curious rambunctious youngster with a bright future. It's unknown if she will ever carry a rider (she is still too young to be ridden), but thanks to your support and the loving care she receives at the Sanctuary, she will have every chance for a wonderful and loving home of her own.

Bug's eyebrows cause many a smile.