It’s hard to imagine anyone abandoning a horse, but that may have turned out to be a stroke of luck for Curly Sue. Curly Sue was abandoned and starving at a dump when she was rescued. That was way back in 2008, and her time with us since then has been documented here.

It’s easy to spot Curly Sue. Even in a pasture filled with brown horses, this brown horse stands out. She is a Missouri Fox Trotter with curly hair on her body and little or no hair on her mane and tail. She doesn’t pluck it or rub it. It’s a condition due to her genetics. Breeders aim for that curly coat, and while not every horse with curls has health worries, if the coat is expressed genetically due to recessive genes like in Curly Sue's case, a horse may be more susceptible to mouth ulcers and certain skin diseases.

But Curly is one of the sweetest mares in the pasture. She is always first to the fence to see what you are doing. She loves people and even helped out when a group came to visit the Sanctuary around Halloween. She was very glad to celebrate the season by bobbing for apples in her trough. Those lovely folks then learned Curly’s nickname: Curly Goo! She loves water and didn’t hesitate to dunk her face in the water right up to her eyes, and then, of course, clear her nose once she surfaced with her treasured apple slice.

Missouri Foxtrotter Curly Sue
Oh Curly Goo we do love you!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all who know and love Curly see her beauty. We love having her here, but we’d love it more if she found a home of her very own