Trulie, a soft, buff tabby, is a playful sprite of a cat. She is gentle and there is wisdom in her eyes, but also some mischief. Trulie can be a pretty silly when she wants to be, and her playful nature is sure to bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to spend some time with her.

Washing dishes has never been more fun.

It’s time for Trulie to have a home of her very own. We have loved her since she arrived in 2015, but we want her to have a person of her own.


Even better would be a home that included more than one person or a whole group of people to play with her, admire her and love her. She is in great health and would easily adapt into just about any loving home.

You will never have to clean the sink or chase the dust bunnies out from under a dresser without some help. Trulie will love you truly.