Senior Milagro is rapidly becoming a volunteer favorite sleepover companion. He recently spent some time with volunteer Kim Glenn and her husband. She offered the following thoughts on Milagro and sent us some great photos. We all know that Milagro will be amazing in a home and are anxious for that wonderful home to find him. 

Let me just say that Milagro is amazing. He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I had been following Milagro on the Best Friends website, and I asked if he was available for a sleepover when my husband and I last volunteered. Fortunately, he was and we ended up having an extended two-day outing and sleepover with him. 

Milagro loved the walks we went on, and he walked beautifully on a leash. He would stick his nose in the air taking in all the scents of the area and letting the sun warm his face. Milagro was also a champion relaxer, and he would snuggle up to us on the couch. The quietest little snore would let us know he was content. He also snuggled with us on the bed all night. 

Milagro snuggles in a bed

Milagro liked to know where we were in the house, so he would walk to the different rooms making sure he knew we were both safe and sound. He waited patiently by the door when he wanted to go outside, and once outside, he would decide if he wanted to roam a little or just sunbathe. Milagro will make some family incredibly happy as he is such a wonderful companion.