The perks are pretty awesome if you can land a gig in a kitchen at Dogtown. In fact, Google considers it his duty to keep the place spick-and-span should any morsel happen to drop during mealtime preparation; however, that’s where he draws the line. There’s no counter surfing for Google — no way. He’s a good boy.

“Kitchen dog” is one of the best jobs at the Sanctuary, and at Old Friends where Google lives, the job comes with an added perk. He gets extra walks every day, because his kitchen doesn’t have an attached outdoor run. That means Google is always the first dog each day who gets to go on a walk.

I was too late to arrive for his first walk, but I gladly offered to take him on a second. By that time, the Dogtown trails were occupied by many other dogs and walkers, so Google and I chose the open road. Despite having gone out recently, Google was more than happy to make a second go of it. Don’t underestimate him just because he lives in Old Friends. That boy wanted to go.

Though my intention was a short walk, Google had other plans. Of course, it didn’t take much at all to persuade me. There was lots of sniffing, a bit more sniffing and then some final sniffing before it was finally time to head back. That’s when I learned that Google has one more proficiency. According to Mary, a local volunteer who regularly walks him, if you want to see wildlife on a walk, Google’s your guy. He apparently has the uncanny ability to sniff out deer. Wished I’d known that before the walk. That’s a mighty handy talent for those of us eager to see the local fauna.

Back at his kitchen (expert hiker that he is), Google remembered (and reminded me) to hydrate. He’s talented and smart! Plus, to add to his many benefits, he’s free to adopt, with both adoption fee and transport fee for a flight home waived.

PS - Google just celebrated his 10th birthday and had a very special party to mark the occasion. 

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