Slurpee likes water. In fact, there may not be another horse who likes water as much as this very tall warmblood mare. She revels in it. Buckets, troughs, ponds or creeks: If there is water involved, Slurpee is a happy horse.

Slurpee has lived at the Sanctuary since 2005 when she was just a couple of years old. Slurpee is classified as a “pasture pal.” As a weanling (a very young horse), she had multiple surgeries to repair problems with her legs. These surgeries gave young Slurpee a good prognosis but jumping and extensive riding was ruled out. 

So she came to the Sanctuary and now she spends her days trying to get her horse friends to play in the pond. She loves people! She loves to be groomed and is the first horse to the gate to welcome volunteers (and to see if there are treats hidden away in their pockets).

If you have a pond at home in need of a very large very sweet mermaid, Slurpee may be just the horse for you. Until that time she’ll be safe and loved at the Sanctuary.

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