If you have ever visited Benton’s House at Cat World, you’ve probably said hello to Weebles.

Weebles is a fixture in Benton’s lobby. She is most often found in one of two kitty daybeds positioned in the lobby. Her bright blue eyes blink a welcome to everyone who comes through the door. She is the greeter, and she takes her self-appointed job seriously.

Weebles just looks so content that I’ve never asked her to move. I automatically go to the daybed she is on, give her a pet and say hello. She suffered some type of spinal injury as a youngster that caused her to be a little unsteady. In the many times I’d been through the door at Benton’s, not once had Weebles been walking anywhere — until today.


To say that my jaw hit the floor is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. Caregivers giggled at my astonishment. Our little night owl, who does most of her prowling after caregivers have gone home, decided to put on a show and prove to me once and for all just how able she is!

Now more than ever I am surprised that Weebles hasn’t found a home of her own. Sure, she moves funny, and yes sometimes she misses the litter box, but something she never misses is an opportunity to give and receive love. This gentle gorgeous senior Siamese mix kitty will fill any home with love and purrs.