Rad’s caregivers say she is recovering well from heart surgery, and she was recently reintroduced to her run mate, Louie. We took Rad and Louie to the dog park at the Sanctuary, and boy, does that girl have energy! She loved playing fetch, chasing, retrieving and returning as many tennis balls as we would throw.

Rad on a walk

After a long walk, and a play session at the dog park, we had the privilege of being with Rad on an extended outing/sleepover. She was quite the love bug. She would wrap her arms around us when we pet her — to pull us closer and to make sure the petting didn’t stop too soon. She had a beautiful smile and would roll around on the bed making googly eyes at us and just being plain adorable.

Rad playing on a bed

Rad loves going on walks. When she sees another dog, she wiggles and whines expectantly, hoping the other dog will notice her, too. She’s easy to refocus when she becomes distracted by something that catches her attention. And she responds well to cues of sit, shake and lay down. When she dreams, her whole body gets into the act. She shivers, shakes, wiggles and wags her tail.


When she was with us, she slept through the night and cuddled closely to us on the bed, keeping us warm.

Play hard, sleep hard. Rad would be a great addition to an active home.

She rides well in the car and prefers to have one of us in the backseat, so she could use us as a pillow.


Rad was an absolute delight and we enjoyed every moment spent with her. While we’d love to spend time with her again on our next visit, it will be even better if Rad soon finds a forever home of her own.