Ever wonder how we choose names for the animals at the Sanctuary? They get a name when they arrive — before we really know them — and sometimes it’s challenging! Naming Holy Moly though was easy. This big, gorgeous, rambunctious boy was rowdy. When he gets the zoomies you can’t help but scratch your head and mutter, “Holy moly.”

Holy Moly at play

When Moly first arrived, he reminded everyone of a runaway freight train. Leashing him and going for a walk (such simple processes) were nearly impossible. Picture the cartoon featuring the Tasmanian devil cartoon character. Supersize that and add a big scoop of bucking bronco and you have an idea of what it was like to leash Moly. Everything was a production, and he had no impulse control at all.

Today when someone meets Holy Moly, he turns upside down trying to squirm as close as possible for belly rubs. He is gentle and polite, and no one utters his name worried about being plowed over.  

This progress didn't come all at once It’s been work. Holy Moly has gotten the help he needs from an entire team of experts at the Sanctuary. Veterinary care has helped address some medical problems. He has degenerative joint disease, which is managed with pain medication. The addition of behavior medication has made a big difference, too. He also benefited from a program of kindness based behavior modification training.

With little steps — each one building on the one before — Holy Moly could finally walk down the trail confidently on a leash.

The whole world has opened up for Holy Moly: car rides, new friends, dog park fun and even a little agility! Now when you hear his name spoken, it is said with such affection and some pride, too. This guy is trying so hard to learn all the skills that he wasn't able to master in those early days.  

The sky's the limit, and we cannot wait for that perfect person to come along and fall head over heels in love with this extraordinary dog.