Cash is one of six dogs that came to Best Friends after their loving owner passed away. As mentioned in Buckle’s story, this gang of furry friends were well loved, but were not well socialized with the great big world. Some dogs greet new experiences with curiosity. Cash likes to yell at new things. Especially people, and maybe in particular me.

I spent some time with Cash and his buddy Cliff. Cliff enjoyed the company, Cash read me the riot act. All perfectly normal, I have a very cautious canine pet who also believes that the best defense is a very loud offense so I didn’t take it personally. With time and the tender loving skilled care that our caregivers provide, Cash will relax and learn that everyone who visits him has a pocket full of treats, so his alarm barking will happen less frequently, as less things and people are actually alarming.

He is adorable, best guess is a maltese mix and around 5 years old. Please consider sponsoring Cash and helping provide for his care until his forever family finds him.


Cash was adopted and went to his new home!