Isabel arrived at the Sanctuary in September of 2016. At that time, she was a wild child — full of anxious energy and unable to contain herself. Isabel was a handful. She really hated it when people tried to leave her run ― so much so that she actually held onto them as if to prevent them from leaving.

Isabel was also a notorious and skilled door dasher. This gal could get by some of the most savvy volunteers and caregivers if given half a chance. Wow! She was a whirlwind. Caregivers knew that if they could help Isabel gain a little self-control and help her anxiety, her quality of life would increase and she would become more adoptable.

Isabel’s anxiety was significant, and no amount of exercise or soothing routines was helping. After careful evaluation, Isabel was put on medication to help with that anxiety. Now Isabel has a new outlook, and since her anxiety is being managed, she has improved dramatically. No longer does she bolt out of open doors; rather, she politely watches visitors enter her run. And those “mouthy” outbursts have stopped.

It’s time for Isabel to have a home of her own. She lives peacefully with dogs her own size, but not with small dogs, cats or chickens.  As we continue to look for her perfect home, we’ll keep helping Isabel learn new fun skills. It’s been wonderful to see this silly and sweet girl finally relax and blossom. We’ll miss her for sure, but we will be equally delighted when her forever family takes her home.

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