Wigglesworth is the epitome of unique. Who could imagine this long-legged, somewhat houndish, but very definitely shar-pei-like creature outside of a cartoon? Well he’s real all right, and every day he adds a comical touch to Dogtown with his big old happy dog smile.

Wigglesworth (Wigs to his friends) came to the Sanctuary from a shelter in New Mexico. This big guy is super with people. He just couldn’t be happier than when he is the center of attention. That’s probably a good thing. Once someone spots him, it’s almost impossible to not want to look closely at Wigs. He is the most handsome, albeit somewhat odd-looking mix of doggy genetics that we’ve seen around the Sanctuary in a while.

Those close little shar-pei ears require medication to keep them healthy, but Wigglesworth doesn’t mind too much as long as you can simultaneously scratch his chest and tell him what a good boy he is. And those wrinkles, flaps and creases can hide bits of dirt. A onceover with a soft washcloth will help to make sure nothing is trapped in one of Wig’s many folds. Wigglesworth loves being fussed over, so there is no problem getting his cooperation, although he might not want you to stop!

Wigs is picky about dog friends, but he has never met a human he didn’t like. He has great manners; however, he is still a young guy and not above occasionally inspecting countertops. That’s not uncommon for dogs tall enough to actually see what delicious food is up there, and caregivers are working with him to resist the temptation.

So if you are looking for a buddy to share your adventures with, Wigglesworth might be the giggle-inspiring, bed-hogging one-in-a-million guy you have been searching for. Until then, we will continue to care for and love this wonderful wiggly boy.

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