Oh my goodness! Look at this guy!

Wubba watches all the activity through his door at Dogtown admissions. But crack that door open to say hello, and Wubba retreats quickly. He’s that endearing blend of bashful, yet bold. Wubba is desperate to make your acquaintance, but a bit scared too.

The way to Wubba’s heart is not a long journey. Sit quietly on the floor with him and he’ll flirt with you a little until finally, he feels your fingers in his fur and literally melts to the floor so you can pet him thoroughly. Then Wubba just gets silly. He’s a young guy at around two years old. With tail wagging steadily, Wubba will try to give you quick kisses and offer up a play bow or two — all while “talking” in soft whiny yips and groans. At that point, volunteers decide that they simply can’t leave Wubba, and so they hunker down to just hang out with him.

Wubba arrived recently from a partner organization here in the Southwest. He was rescued by them as a stray, so his background is unknown. His future, however, is a little easier to see: Wubba is going to get his happily ever after. Someone is going to fall head over heels in love with this easy, fun guy. Until then, he’s safe and loved here with us at the Sanctuary.

Wubba's adoption profile is not on the website yet. But if you are smitten and would like to learn more about him, please comment below and we'll put you in contact with our adoptions team.