Iggy loves people. This handsome American pit bull terrier has never met a stranger and greets everyone with soft eyes and a wagging tail. Tours, volunteers or staff: Iggy doesn't care who you are — just so long as you let him say hello.

Friendly happy Iggy

The first impressions people have of Iggy range from athletic to cuddly, happy and smart. But they never guess that this bright boy is also deaf.

Deaf pet FAQ’s

Iggy has learned to skillfully navigate this sound-heavy world. He's had some help by learning hand signals for all the common cues. If you want him to sit, it’s no problem. He instantly responds to the hand signal. He might also just read lips. It's uncanny.

Iggy sits

His confidence plays no small part in his ability to cope. If something startles Iggy, he recovers quickly and isn't prone to panic. That's kind of a big deal. Iggy just goes with the flow.

Iggy loves to play. His favorite game is tug, and his low center of gravity and strength make him hard to beat. He wins, takes a victory lap and then looks for someone to tease into another round.

More playing please!

If Iggy has worn out his human playmates he entertains himself by spinning like a reining horse until his human friends catch their breath and are ready to go.


Iggy's deafness doesn't define him. His huge loving heart does.